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Cybeerly takes all branches of virtual learning to the next level

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Innovative features offered by Cybeerly

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Class styles

Various ready-made 3D class styles and the ability to create your own style 

Mini classes

Create mini groups and move easily between them

Customizing avatars

Customize your personal avatar

Emotions of Avatars

More than 6 vividly realistic emotions to express yourself 

Interactive textbook

Create engaging, interactive textbooks from the comfort of your classroom with the constructor

Comprehension Analysis

Analyze your students’ comprehension levels in real time

Routine assignment

Create tests right in the classroom using a constructor of more than 30 types of regular and playful assignments.

Oral assignment

Call your students to the board for oral assignments

Gamified assignments

Conduct many types of gamified assignments that increase your students’ engagement and reinforce what they’ve learned in the most effective way, especially for elementary and middle grades.

Secure testing

If you want to make assignments safe from cheating, use secure testing

Class statistics

Track the statistics of all actions performed in class in real time.

Monitoring participant activity

Track student activity during the lesson, which will allow you to identify less active students and view the activity cycle of the selected student throughout the lesson.

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3 easy steps to create a class

Choose a style

Choose the style of your class from the ready-made templates or create your own personal style, then set up the camera, microphone and move on to the next step


It’s time to create your avatar, it’s very simple. There are pre-made avatars available to you to start with, but you can customize your own personal avatar at any time


After selecting your avatar, a 3D class is immediately created in which you can begin your fascinating journey.

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Integration with demanded services

Cybeerly supports integration with popular LMS systems, and if you have your own LMS, our specialists will perform custom integration

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