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What opportunities Cybeerly offers

Virtual lesson

Use Cybeerly’s virtual session with a variety of innovative tools such as interactive lesson, regular assignment, oral assignment, secure testing, quiz to enhance your lessons


Cybeerly provides full lesson statistics for further analysis

Super functional constructor

Cybeerly also allows you to create interactive lesson materials, 30 types of assignments and quizzes using the constructor.

Create classes

Easily create classes in Cybeerly for close interaction and management

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For individual teachers

Technology shouldn’t replace teachers, it should empower them. Cybeerly will allow you to push your own boundaries and use feature-rich tools to deliver virtual lessons.

For higher education and k-12 schools

Transform your institution into an effective virtual learning environment.

For corporations

Minimize costs by increasing employee engagement in Cybeerly training

Cybeerly takes online education to the next level

Creating interactive textbooks

Maximize student engagement by creating an interactive textbook without leaving Cybeerly. The textbook consists of interactive materials – text, images, videos, slides, documents, 3D models, virtual laboratories, tasks.


Instant feedback

Students can give real-time feedback on their level of understanding of the material.

Analyze the level of understanding of the material

Analyze the feedback received by students regarding their level of understanding of the lesson material


Routine assignment

Use the simplified or multifunctional assignment builder during a virtual lesson

Oral assignment

Conduct oral assignments, limiting the time for each student to speak with an opportunity to evaluate the quality of the answer 


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Secure testing

Unlike the others, this type of assignment includes elements of more in-depth control and a system of protection against cheating during the performance of important exams 


Add gamification to your virtual lessons with several types of quizzes. Quizzes provide opportunities for individual and team competitions. 


Transforming speech into text

Lecture classes are an essential part of learning. With Cybeerly you have a lot of possibilities available to you. In lecturer mode, your speech will be converted into text form. This allows people with disabilities to absorb information comfortably. At the end of the lecture, listeners can download a text or voice version of the lecture. 

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