Use the perfect types of assignments without leaving the classroom

Interesting info


Checking of assignments is automatic, and the final result of the check is provided for evaluation by the teacher in real time


More than 30 kinds of assignments


The accessibility and ease of creating assignments really makes the lesson more productive and prepares the ground for the best learning outcomes in the future

Routine assignment

  • More than 30+ types of assignments to create tests
  • Automatic check
  • Analysis of the time spent by the student on the assignments
  • Assignments appear on the tables as in a real classroom

A whole new approach to learning

It’s no longer a secret that gamification increases engagement, alertness, and engages virtually all of students’ senses to effectively assimilate information and reinforce what they’ve already learned.

  • More than 15 gamified assignments
  • Individual and team quizzes
  • Ability to create gamified assignments from scratch in the designer

Break down barriers to innovative teaching

Oral assignment – this method of assignment will help overcome students’ shyness and analyze oral responses

Safety is the key to successful learning

Secure Testing – If you want to keep assignments safe from cheating, use Secure Testing. This mode will provide notifications when a student closes the assignment window, steps out of camera range, or increases background noise.

General monitoring of all students performing the assignment and tracking the progress of assignments in real time is also available

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