Specially created for higher education.

What are the opportunities before you?

Interactive Textbooks

Cybeerly offers a textbook builder that will replace many different services and save you time and money. Create an engaging interactive textbook from over 40 tools. 

Gamified assignments

Conduct many types of gamified tasks that increase your students’ engagement and reinforce what they have learned in the most effective way for them


Cybeerly creates a complete picture of the lesson for you. Track the statistics of all actions performed in class in real time, improve your learning performance with Cybeerly’s recommendations and take your lessons to the next level

Designed to meet your needs

Be one step ahead: Cybeerly offers an innovative virtual classroom ahead of educational standards.

Cybeerly focuses on practical testing of the knowledge gained during the lesson, offering several modes of assignments for this purpose.

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Discover new horizons of teaching

Over 40+ blocks of tools to create the most effective interactive textbook

Monitor in real time how well students are learning the material,

Statistics allow you to understand the state of the class and observe the actions of students throughout the lesson.

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